Thursday, January 5, 2012

I've got big dreams for this place...

I am honestly going to purchase this place someday. I will renovate it, open a bait/convenience store/charter service and sandwich shop. I will not make the sandwiches but I already have them named. Dirty Sanchez, Blumpkin and Cleveland Steamer, to start. I already have my charter captains lined up too!

If you can think of any other awesomely crazy sandwich names, let me know!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Taking it back...

Back to the old school. Christmas Day 2008. Still sporting the long, hippy hair. Feeling not so much like a survivor, but more like a victim who would never heal and whose only job in this world was to just go through the motions and keep living because I failed to die.

Funny how a mindset changes over time. Now I'm here, willingly and happily. Although I would never want to relive past experiences, I now accept life's setbacks as learning experiences and as opportunities to grow.

Just when you feel defeated and at your end, doesn't it always seem to happen that you will meet someone facing obstacles greater than your own? Does how they face their challenges affect how you tackle yours? I'm blessed to have friends and loved ones who pull me into their wake and help me turn the tide.

Sooo...this was unhappy me, circa 2008. Found somewhere within the files on this old laptop I am using until my Dell is fixed. Photo taken during a rather dark time in my life, one I'm finally seeing my way out of and one I don't plan to revisit. I am now seeing how dreary and uncared for I must have looked to everyone back then. I don't even look like myself in this picture. Looking at this girl from three years ago and looking at me today, makes me feel as though I must be doing something right now.

Thanks to all the friends and my family for helping me find my way out of the dark. Merry Christmas everyone.